The Best Ryokan in Hiroshima for an Authentic Japanese Stay

Immerse yourself in the rich Japanese culture by staying at a traditional ryokan in Hiroshima. A ryokan represents the epitome of authentic Japanese accommodation, complete with japanese style rooms, tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and scrumptious kaiseki meals.

In this article, we’ll navigate the narrow lanes of Hiroshima, revealing top ryokans that beautifully blend heritage and modern-day luxury. Whether you seek tranquility, harmony with nature, or just an escape from the bustling city life, there’s a ryokan awaiting you with a steadfast promise of unforgettable hospitality in Hiroshima.

๐Ÿฅ‡ My #1 recommendation for you: If you’re in a rush, stop reading here and go book your stay at this ryokan. It’s the best overall in term of traditional ambiance, cleanliness, and proximity to the city center and the main Hiroshima attractions.

Let’s get started!

Best Ryokan in Hiroshima

1. Hiroshima No Yado Aioi – Right in the City Center

โœ‰๏ธ 730-0051 Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Naka-ku Otemachi 1-3-14

Welcome to Hiroshima no Yado Aioi, an inviting, traditional ryokan tucked within the heart of vibrant Hiroshima. Here, the captivating aged charm and simplicity create an atmosphere that’s both warm and welcoming. The bright flashing lights outside vanish the moment you cross the threshold and you’re greeted by friendly, diligent staff that makes you feel right at home.

The rooms are spacious, clean, and sparkling. The air-conditioned rooms create a perfect oasis amid the city hustle. Built for comfort, these rooms are fitted with a tatami (straw flooring), and the beds are soft futons that you’ll roll out by yourself. Though some find the futons a bit firm, they offer an authentic taste of traditional Japanese living.

You’ll find handy modern amenities like a fridge, a kettle, and a flat-screen TV. But, an essential highlight is the room’s private bathroom, equipped with a bidet. An exciting added treat is the small heated pool on the top floor, perfect for a relaxing dip.

For food enthusiasts, Hiroshima no Yado Aioi offers a delightful traditional Japanese breakfast, lovingly prepared and served in a beautifully set dining room.

Beyond the cozy rooms, the ryokan’s location is a gem. It is conveniently stationed near crucial points of interest like the Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, and Myoei-ji Temple. The sightseeing bus conveniently stops right in front of the ryokan, ready to whisk you off to various tourist spots and Hiroshima station. And, let’s not forget the numerous restaurants and convenient stores within walking distance.

In short, at Hiroshima no Yado Aioi, traditional charm meets modern elegance, and an attentive staff aims to make your stay in Hiroshima truly unforgettable!

If you want to experience one the best ryokans in hiroshima (if not the best of them all), then book your stay at Hiroshima no Yado Aioi.

Hiroshima no Yado Aioi View Rooms Photos, Facilities, and Current Prices Last Updated September, 2023

2. Itsukaichi First Villa Hiroshima

โœ‰๏ธ 731-5132 Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Saeki-ku Yoshimien 16-12

Experience an extraordinary stay at the Itsukaichi First Villa Hiroshima, an enchanting ryokan that presents a perfect blend of traditional Japanese charm and modern-day amenities.

Perched just 10km from both Youme Town Miyuki and Hiroshima Minato Park, this luxury destination is enveloped in tranquility, ideally suited for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Your stay here will be embellished with Wi-Fi available throughout the property, free private parking, and a warm-hearted concierge service ready to meet your needs.

Every room here opens to a terrace overlooking a picturesque inner courtyard. Delight in the sight of this serene spot each morning to begin your day with a calm mind. Every unit is outfitted with a desk, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, fresh bed linen and towels, air conditioning, and a wardrobe.

Many guests adore the spacious, clean accommodation, with one remarking on the ryokan’s surprising completeness, saying it felt “as if there were people living there”. This ryokan rooms are indeed generously sized, leaving you ample space to relax and revel in the elegance of your surroundings. Another gushed about the ryokan’s charm, loving its clean, comfortable ambiance, and the ease of finding it.

Although located a 20-minute drive from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, guests didn’t mind the distance, cherishing the feeling of escape from the hustle and bustle.

Some guests did mention wishing for more parking spaces, and the slightly narrow road leading up to the property, but they found it more than worth it for the relaxing atmosphere and convenient location.

Itsukaichi First Villa Hiroshima View Rooms Photos, Facilities, and Current Prices Last Updated September, 2023

3. Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima

โœ‰๏ธ 733-0861 Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Nishi-ku Kusatsuhigashi 2-11-6

Get ready to feel right at home at the Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima. This beautiful ryokan is situated at just the right distance from the main attractions. A swift 30-minute train ride lands you right in the heart of Hiroshima City, and another 30 minutes in the opposite direction brings you to the charming Miyajima Island.

This ryokan is not only about location; it offers a wonderful experience of living in a traditional Japanese house. Guests have praised the humble yet comfortable rooms that have an air conditioner and a locker for your things.

When it comes to facilities, you can make use of their shared kitchen for whipping up your own meals. Store your food items, prepare a feast, or simply enjoy a warm cup of tea in your serene surroundings.

What really sets Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima apart is its host, Hisaya. Always ready and willing to lend a hand or answer your questions, Hisaya adds a dash of friendliness and warmth to your stay here. He’s often available at the ryokan or through messages. His dedication really makes you feel like you’re in a home away from home.

However, like any place, Wholeearth has its quirks. Some guests found the locker system for the rooms could use some updating. Also, it’s good to bear in mind that the location is peaceful but has a quiet nightlife. You’ll have to walk a bit to find restaurants or stores.

Overall, if you’re seeking an inexpensive, comfy stay that provides an authentic taste of Japanese culture within a short distance from Hiroshima’s gems, the Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima stands ready to welcome you.

Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima View Rooms Photos, Facilities, and Current Prices Last Updated September, 2023

4. Kabukiya

โœ‰๏ธ 732-0053 Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Higashi-ku Wakakusa-cho 5-4

Welcome to a charming corner of Hiroshima ไธ€ๆฃŸ่ฒธใ‚ฒใ‚นใƒˆใƒใ‚ฆใ‚น ๅ‚พใ‚ๅฑ‹ Kabukiya. Nestled just a stroll away from the city center and Hiroshima Station, this Ryokan offers a taste of traditional Japan combined with modern conveniences.

Your room here breathes an air of tranquility, a result of wooden interiors exuding a pleasant sauna-like aroma. Comfortable beds, tatami-matted flooring, and artful decor invite you to relax and soak in the ambiance of this accommodation that previous guests describe as both fantastic and wonderfully cozy.

The Ryokan also boasts unique features such as a private bathroom with a hot tub and free WiFi. Not to mention, you’ll have all the kitchen basics including a microwave, fridge, and kettle.

Beyond the comfort of your room, Kabukiya invites you to engage in local activities. Dive into the world of fishing or go hiking around Hiroshima for an enriching experience.

Admittedly, there are things to consider such as a slightly steep staircase, which might feel challenging for some guests and a somewhat steep walk from the station. However, as most guests pointed out, the staggering authenticity of the house, its perfect blend of tradition and comfort, and the ultimate guest house experience will more than make up for that.

Cherry on the cake: the overall verdict from guests visiting with family is “Absolutely loved it!”

Kabukiya View Rooms Photos, Facilities, and Current Prices Last Updated September, 2023

5. Kimatsu Ryokan

โœ‰๏ธ 733-0812 Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Nishi-ku Koihonmachi 2-1-3

Kimatsu Ryokan is a perfect blend of age-old tradition and modern comforts, tucked away in Hiroshima, Japan. This ryokan is conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Dome, and a short ride to the Myoei-ji Temple and Chosho-in Temple.

A stay here welcomes you into an inviting space that respects authentic Japanese culture. The rooms are tastefully designed with tatami mats and furnished with a kettle, an air conditioner, and a flat-screen TV. Soft, comfortable futon beds add a touch of luxury, accompanied by a small fridge for your convenience.

The daily maid service ensures the rooms are tidy and fresh, reflecting the clean and polished environment. Also, the ryokan boasts a communal bath for a relaxing soak after a day of sightseeing.

Now, let’s talk about the food. Guests rave about the delicious Japanese breakfast. Packed with savoury flavours, it’s a delightful start to your day.

Enjoying a stay at the Kimatsu Ryokan means being a short distance from the Hiroshima Danbara Shopping Centre, the Katล Tomosaburล Bronze Statue and a short drive from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport. The thoughtful staff also offers to store your luggage (even medicine in their fridge), a testament to their commitment to outstanding service.

It’s worth noting, though, that the ryokan is an old establishment, so it might not be as soundproof. The bath, albeit small, is regularly maintained. And if you’re not an early riser, the lack of shutters might mean an early wake-up call from sunlight. But if you can look past these minor quirks, Kimatsu Ryokan is an oasis of peace and a fascinating sneak peek into Japan’s rich heritage.

Kimatsu Ryokan View Rooms Photos, Facilities, and Current Prices Last Updated September, 2023

Before You Go

So there you have it! Five fabulous ryokans in Hiroshima that offer a lovely blend of tradition, comfort, and unforgettable experiences. From the hustle and bustle of the city-center spot Hiroshima no Yado Aioi to the tranquil escape at Itsukaichi First Villa Hiroshima, the home-like atmosphere of Wholeearth Ryokan Hiroshima to the authentic charm of Kabukiya and comfort of Kimatsu Ryokan – each of these places has something special to offer.

Remember, you matter, your experiences matter and each feeling you have on your journey means something. So let your heart guide you to the right ryokan, the right city, the right adventure. And no matter what, open your mind to new experiences, open your heart to new people, nourish your soul with every travel, and remember to cherish each memory you’ve created.

Again, my #1 recommendation is Hiroshima No Yado Aioi. Book your stay here and enjoy the experience and the region.

Travel on, my friends.