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Travelness.com is a travel blog with the goal of providing practical information and helpful resources to guide you, the travelers, during your adventures in dreamy destinations.

Travelness.com is a free travel guides library written by local experts who have actually lived in the places they are writing about. Here you’ll find everything from free travel guides, trip itineraries break down, travel resources, tips & mistakes to avoid, hotels recommendations, safety guides, money tips, and many other topics to help you enjoy a smooth experience during your trips.

Our mission is as simple as it can get: Bringing escapes inspiration to every soul in this world.

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  • Real travel tips that helped real travelers
  • Free travel guides and resources
  • Recommendations from local travel experts to fully enjoy your trips
  • Detailed costs and expenses breakdown to help you manage your money while on the road
  • Safety guides to help you plan and relax during your vacation
  • And much more…

Our Team

Paul McDougal

Paul McDougal

Senior Travel Reporter

Paul is a handsome and hilarious travel writer and travel journalist from the UK. He’s hiked, hitchhiked and laughed his way through more than fifty countries, and he’s always looking for a new place to call home. Originally from Newcastle, he’s lived all over the UK, spent more than three years in Asia, and most recently lived in Vietnam.

Alicia Durette

Alicia Durette

Travel Reporter – Outdoors Expert

Alicia is a trail runner, hiker, ultra-marathoner, and adventurer. She previously worked as a physical therapist assistant for 8 years, and now works as a travel writer while being a stay-at-home mom to her little girl. Alicia is a native Arizonan going back 4 generations and has also lived in Utah and Montana. She is happiest in the mountains with her family, running long miles on trails, and bagging peaks with her baby in tow. Alicia currently resides with her husband, baby, and chocolate lab Maggie in Mesa, Arizona.

Phil McCain

Phil McCain

Airline Pilot & Flight Instructor – Aviation Professional

Phil McCain is an experienced U.S. airline pilot. He has accumulated over 3500 hours of flight time across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. He is also a flight instructor, industry expert, and passionate traveler. He currently lives in Detroit, Michigan. Outside of the cockpit, Phil loves to read, cook, run, and explore the world around him.

Dara Brewton

Dara Brewton

Travel Reporter – Alaska Expert

Dara is a travel writer, political news junkie, and part-time actress. Born in south, she spent her childhood hopping around the U.S., even venturing as far away as Kodiak, Alaska. When not bent over her laptop or prancing around on stage, Dara can be found binge-watching Netflix, making endless to-do lists, or reading a sci-fi book.

Feross Travelness

Feross B.

Founder – Travel Reporter & Editorial Director

Feross is an avid traveler who has visited countries on 4 continents. During his trips around the world, he found out that many travel articles published online about local places are either outdated, incomplete, or even totally wrong. He founded travelness.com to provide fellow travelers with detailed, helpful, and pertinent information about the places they are visiting, written by people that actually live there or have lived there for an extended period of time. Feross also has a Ph.D. in Geography, his research expertise is in the area of Computer Sciences applied to Cartography. Besides travel, Street Photography is his other favorite hobby.

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