Brand Assets and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Travelness.

You’ll find on this page our official brand assets along with some guidelines for using them.

Usage Guidelines

Important things to keep in mind when referencing our brand or using our assets:

Brand Name:

  • β€œTravelness” is our proper name. It’s not “Travel Ness” nor “TravelNess”. It’s “Travelness”. Capital T, lowercase other letters.
  • When making a reference to Travelness, you cannot imply that you are endorsed by Travelness, nor affiliated with us or sponsored by us.
  • When making a reference to Travelness, please link to

Logo Usage:

  • You can use our logos to share Travelness with your audience.
  • Please use the logos as is and don’t alter any of the logos or the official colors without prior consent.
  • You obviously may not use our logos as your own identity.
  • When using the logo give it some space, don’t clutter it with other text or graphics.

Travelness Official Brand Colors

We use many beautiful colors in our graphics, but our primary color is #006BF0.




Travelness Official Logos and Icons

These are our official logos. The first 2 have transparent backgrounds.

Travelness Blue Text
Travelness Black Text
Travelness Blue Background
Travelness Black Background

If you need to contact us feel free to drop us a mail. Everything is explained on this page: Contact Us.

That’s all folks! Thank you for your interest, we appreciate it.