How Much Spending Money for Paris: 329€ or 4795€ ?

Here is how much spending money for Paris you should take with you: For a 3 days on-budget stay in Paris you should take 329€ and for a 7 days on-budget stay in Paris you’ll need roughly 776€. For a standard type of vacations you’ll need to take 855€ with you for a 3 days stay, and 2090€ for a 7 days stay. To enjoy a luxury trip you can spend as much as you want, but as an estimation you can bring 2860€ for 3 days and 4795$ for 7 days.

3 days stay7 days stay
Breakdown of how much money you will need to bring with you to Paris

Keep on reading to discover the breakdown of these numbers and to find ways to save money during your travel to Paris.

After searching for the best time to visit Paris, expenses is the first things people think of when planning a holiday, often along the lines of “how much should I take to Paris?”

Paris, in all its romantic and extravagant expectations, is believed to be best explored with a boundless budget. As a person who lives in Paris I know better however: you don’t need to break your bank account to visit the French capital!

To help manage your expectations, I’ll give you a breakdown of how much money you need for a Paris trip. You’ll find approximate spending for on-a-budget stay, standard allowance, and luxury option across a 3-day and 7-day trip for each category.

Let’s begin!

I. How Much Money Do You Need to Visit Paris on a Budget?

Budget travel through Paris is totally possible as long as you play smart and book fast.

Paris on a budget

Hotels & Accommodation

If budget is priority and you’re not fussy about sharing space, consider staying at a hostel for minimum charge. Don’t worry about it being sketchy or dingy either – Paris now hosts designer hostels like Generator Paris, which offers bright and clean rooms, private bathrooms, a stylish lounge and close proximity to sightseeing. You can cop a stay for as low as 30€ depending on time of booking and room choice, whilst its convenient location near Canal St. Martin guarantees a host of bars, restaurants and vintage shops.

Ibis Paris is a solid choice for those who want to skip the hostels but don’t require anything fancy. Expect the usual contemporary and minimal fare from this hotel chain, which is located in the Montmartre district. Twin Rooms run between 50€ and 60€ depending on your time of stay. Generally, the further you are from city center, the cheaper everything is.

Airbnb is also a good compromise as you’ll often get prices much lower than the average hotel. But do read up on reviews before booking a space!


Food is trickier since it depends on how much of a foodie you are. And in Paris, it is all about the food.

To save up, you can prep your own food by sticking to simple breakfasts (i.e a croissant and coffee set) and slapping together your own sandwich with street market buys. Instead of eating at a restaurant, enjoy a self-made picnic by the river. Also opt for eating indoors if the restaurant offers you a patio option as that will cost you more.

  • Breakfast = 5€
  • Lunch = 8€ – 10€
  • Dinner = 15€

You can shave off some additional costs by asking for tap water instead of bottled water (check out my travel tips for Paris and my mistakes during your Paris trip articles for more tips like this).


The cheapest way to get downtown from the airport is to take either bus or train, which would cost around 10€ and 11€. Find out my guide on how to reach Paris from the airports to know exactly how much it will cost you.

Once downtown, you can purchase a daily unlimited travel card for 12.85€ if you plan on running around the entire day.

Depending on your itinerary however, it may be cheaper to purchase a carnet of 10 tickets for 14.90€ and use them over a few days. A single use metro ticket costs 1.90€ so do the math!


Museum aficionados will have a hard time budgeting when visiting attractions, since most cost a hefty entrance fee. Try and visit around the first Sunday of the month to get free entry but expect long lines. What I recommend is to get a Paris Pass for discounted and quick entry into major tourist spots. I’ll expand on what it is below.

Age plays into cost of entry to major attractions too! Students and budget travelers tend to overlap; if you’re an EU citizen between the ages of 18 to 26, you’re in lucky. Many museums and heritage sites will be free for you, cutting down massively on spending.


Shopping in Paris spending really depends on how much budget you can afford, but you can tack on an extra 50€ per day for miscellaneous spending. It’s better to allocate a bit more spending money (even if you won’t use it!) than running out.

1. How Much Euros for 3 Days in Paris on a Budget

Hotel30€ x 2 nights60€
Food5€ breakfast + 8€ lunch + 15€ dinner = 28€ x 3 days84€
Transport20€ (airport-city dual way) + 14.90€ (10 metro tickets)34.90€
Shopping*50€ x 3 days150€
3-day Paris Pass*165€

Total = 329€ to 494€ (w/ Paris Pass)

For budget travelers, the biggest cost is attractions depending on whether or not you opt for a Paris Pass or choose to pay per entrance fee. Since your travel days are limited, you may actually save up paying for each attraction and skip the Paris Pass in this case.

2. How Much Euros for a Week in Paris on a Budget

Hotel30€ x 6 nights180€
Food5€ breakfast + 8€ lunch + 15€ dinner = 28€ x 7 days196€
Transport20€ (airport-city dual way) + 14.90€ x 2 (20 metro tickets)49.80€
Shopping*50€ x 7 days350€
6-day Paris Pass*245€

Total = 776€ to 1,020€ (w/ Paris Pass)

Depending on how you spend your travel tickets, you might end up shelling out for another carnet or buying per use. Alternatively, the Paris Pass will cover transport if you purchase their 6-day package!

II. How Much Money Do You Need in Paris on a Standard Stay?

Standard budgets are great because you’re flexible with which money goes where; you get to prioritize!

Chateau de Versailles, galerie des glaces
Chateau de Versailles, Galerie des glaces

Hotels & Accommodation

Accommodation is a big money spender and one that comes with many questions. Should I aim for central location or just any location near a metro? Should I opt for an in-house breakfast or eat out? Do I want to pay extra for the view or save up?

Just a few minutes’ walk away from Arc de Triomphe is the contemporary Hotel Plaza Etoile. Close to Charles de Gaulle-Etoile Metro Station which grants direct access to the Louvre and Eiffel Tower, it is a compromise of convenience and price. Prices for a classic Double Room run from 185€ to 225€ on depending on a refundable or non-refundable booking, and 16€ worth of breakfast (which is optional).


Operating on a standard food budget means appreciating cheap eats and the occasional fancy treat. Do pick at a local market and build your own picnic set, but also spare some dime for tea time or a nice dinner out. No need to rush breakfast either; you can settle in with a delicious pastry and watch the people go.

  • Breakfast = 5€
  • Lunch = 10€ – 15€
  • Dinner = 20€

Consider splashing out for a Michelin-star dinner at least once!


Similarly to budget-goers, anyone operating on a standard budget would probably save up on the airport-downtown commute by taking train or bus. There is also the choice of taking a taxi, which would cost between 35€ and 50€ depending on which airport you’re coming from and your destination (more info on this here).

I recommend buying the carnet of 10 tickets for 14.90€ opposed to the daily unlimited travel card, as you can spread the use of these tickets over a few days. If you opt for the Paris Pass, your transportation fee will be included in the complementary Paris Visite Travelcard for unlimited travel on the days you have it.


Likewise with budgeters, anyone practical should go for the Paris Pass. Save up on entrance fees and queuing time to fit in more! Of course, if you’re only in town for three days and won’t be able to see much, you might stick to paying per attraction. Here are some popular to-do’s and their price average:

  • The Louvre = 17€
  • Musee d’Orsay = 12€
  • Palace of Versailles = 20€
  • Arc de Triomphe = 12€
  • Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise = 15€
  • Hop-on Hop-off Bus 1-day = 34€

If you manage two paid sites per day, it’d cost at least 25€; you can easily spend 100€ to 150€ in 3 days.


I would allocate an extra 150€ for shopping expenses, whether you’re spending it on trinkets at a local market or browsing Paris’ charming boutique stores. Or maybe you’re scaling the racks of outlets? An extra hundred or so euros will cover the occasional snack and routine souvenirs, but if you’re planning on hitting up any household brands, definitely budget more.

1. How Much Money for 3 Days in Paris on a Standard Stay

Hotel200€ x 2 nights400€
Food5€ breakfast + 10€ lunch + 20€ dinner = 35€ x 3 days105€
Transport20€ (airport-city dual way) + 14.90€ (10 metro tickets)34.90€
Shopping*50€ x 3 days150€
3-day Paris Pass*165€
OR Attractions*average cost of 2 major attractions a day = 30€ x 3 days90€

Total = 690€ to 855€ (w/ Paris Pass) or 780€ (w/ average attractions cost)

While I usually recommend the Paris Pass, those staying only 3 days may consider simply paying the entrance fees. If you plan on more than 2 attractions or experiences a day however, the Paris Pass is a money saver.

2. How Much Money for a Week in Paris on a Standard Stay

Hotel200€ x 6 nights1,200€
Food5€ breakfast + 10€ lunch + 20€ dinner = 35€ x 7 days245€
Transport20€ (airport-city dual way) + 14.90€ x 2 (20 metro tickets)49.80€
Shopping*50€ x 7 days350€
6-day Paris Pass*245€

Total = 1,845€ to 2,090€ (w/ Paris Pass)

III. How Much Money Do You Need to Have a Luxury Experience in Paris?

Visiting Paris for your honeymoon, for a romantic séjour with your better half, or you simply need a Luxury vacation?

Lucky you!

Luxury travelers can go wild (assuming your budget is unlimited) with their choices, but here is a breakdown of average costs per category so you can shuffle your funds where preferred.

Hotels & Accommodation

Luxury hotels run the industry in Paris, lending gorgeous buildings, quality service, and superb terrace views.

Fashion forward travelers will love the elegant Hotel Regina Louvre, located in the fashion district and just a metro ride away from Champs-Elysees. Place Vendome, high-end boutiques, Musee d’Orsay, Tuileries Gardens, and the Louvre are all within a stone throw’s distance, making it an extremely accessible location. Their period-styled Superior Rooms are priced around 350€ whilst the prestigious Eiffel Tower Suite averages 800€ per night.

For the ultimate luxe experience, dole out a hefty but completely worthwhile 900€ for a stay at Shangri-La Paris. It’s not just a hotel; this former royal residence is a historical monument and Michelin-star host, complete with top-tier dining and quality service.

You can check this full list of the best hotels in Paris with an Eiffel Tower view for many luxurious (and less luxurious) hotels options in Paris.


Parisian food prices vary depending on location, cuisine, sit-down or eat-out, etc.

Breakfast is typically restrained to an average of 8€ with high quality breakfasts going up to 100 euros per person! While lunch and dinner starts at an average of 11€ to 15€. If you’re dining in a hotel or fancy establishment, starting price for any meal likely hovers at 15€.

Fine dining can cost anywhere between 80€ and up to 300€; in fact, Michelin-starred restaurants in hotels can hit 500€.


Comfort reigns on a luxury budget, so feel free to splash out for a taxi from the airport to city center. Depending on which airport and traffic conditions, taxi costs start from 75€ up. Many luxury hotels offer shuttle service to and from certain stations or locations, so be sure to look into that too.

You have choice of public and private transport depending on how much budget you’d like to allocate. You could take a taxi from place to place but it’ll cost a pretty penny. I recommend taking public transport to experience how the locals travel, and to see more of Paris while you’re at it. If you do taxi, costs can go from 10€ to 50€, especially if you’re stuck in traffic.


With the average price of admissions into major attractions hovering between 12€ and 20€ and popular experiences costing 30€ to 35€, your daily spend on fun things to do can amount to 80€ per day depending on how packed your schedule is.


Your budget is what you make it. Paris is known for its roster of high-end fashion boutiques and household names; some pieces can fund an entire trip. Be prepared to spend a few hundred to thousands of euros if you’re browsing the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and so forth.

1. How Much Money for 3 Days in Paris on a Luxury Stay

Hotel350€ x 2 nights700€
Food15€ breakfast + 15€ lunch + 80€ dinner = 110€ x 3 days330€
Transport150€ (airport-city taxi) + 14.90€ (10 metro tickets)164.90€
Shopping*500€ x 3 days1,500€
3-day Paris Pass*165€

Total = 2,695€ to 2,860€ (w/ Paris Pass)

Of course, if you opt for a deluxe suite or fine dining every night, your budget can shoot up by a few hundred euros. It’s hard to accurately breakdown a luxury trip as the budget range varies widely.

2. How Much Money for 7 Days in Paris on a Luxury Stay

Hotel350€ x 6 nights2,100€
Food15€ breakfast + 15€ lunch + 80€ dinner = 110€ x 7 days770€
Transport150€ (airport-city taxi) + 14.90€ x 2 (20 metro tickets)179.90€
Shopping*500€ x 3 days1,500€
6-day Paris Pass*245€

Total = 4,550€ to 4,795€ (w/ Paris Pass)

IV. Money Travel Tip: Getting a Paris Pass

Paris Pass - Save money in Paris

I highly recommend you purchase a Paris Pass regardless of budget; it will save you a lot of money and time when visiting certain attractions.

As an all-in-one package, the Paris Pass serves as a travel card, an entry pass, and a discount card to offer efficient exploration!

Here is a quick price breakdown:

PassesFor Adults (18+)For Teens (12 – 17)For Children
2-day Paris Pass130€75€40€
3-day Paris Pass165€95€55€
6-day Paris Pass245€145€80€

Covering free or fast-track entry to over 60 major tourist sites, it also comes with a guide book detailing you where and how it can be used.

The complementary Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tour doubles as both scenic tour and transport, allowing you to hop between busy sites without hassle.

Best of all, the Paris Pass includes a Paris Visite Travelcard for unlimited use of public transportation within central Paris.

The cost of purchase easily evens out and you end up saving precious money that you can spend on many other experiences in your trip.

Check out more details and options breakdown about the Paris Pass.

V. Conclusion

I hope this answers the “how much money should I take to Paris” question!

Most people’s budgets fall around the mid-range as people save up for their trip with the word expensive in mind.

One of the most unpredictable factors is personal spending; it depends on whether you have a dedicated list of Parisian goodies you’d like to buy home, or if you’re a window shopper.

Budgeters can easily set a limit of how much personal spending they get, but luxury shoppers could easily spend thousands at branded boutique stores.

The most important takeaway from this guide is that budget doesn’t matter. You can definitely tailor a Paris trip to your budget with some research, after gaining an idea of average spending with this article.

Any budget can make it, that’s one of the reasons people travel to Paris.