Top 17 Best Farmers Markets in Arizona

Farmers markets are an excellent place to wander and shop for fresh produce, homemade baked goods, handmade trinkets or gifts, and other unique and locally-made products and foods. These markets can be either big productions with hundreds of vendors or smaller events with a few local farmers and gardeners selling their organic products.

Even when grocery stores are plentiful and produce isn’t difficult to come by, buying locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and other goods at a farmers market can be both fun and good for the local economy. Supporting small businesses is more important than ever, and shopping at farmers markets is just one way we can all do just that.

So let’s cut to the chase and get started – here are the best farmers markets in Arizona:

Arizona Farmers Market

1. Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market

This market in the very popular destination of Old Town Scottsdale is open from October through May, and features produce and homemade goods from local farmers, bakers, and artisans. Look no further for your favorite organic fruits and vegetables, as there are more than 100 growers and farmers who sell their lovingly grown goods here.

Locals love the homemade tamales (especially during the Christmas season) and you’ll find other seasonal fares like apples, cider, flowers, and even locally-raised pork. The Old Town Scottsdale Farmers Market also features Native artisans who sell beautiful handmade jewelry, textiles, and other trinkets and gifts.

Other fares include a keto bakery, locally sourced honey (good for seasonal allergies), exquisite sourdough bread, and even different varieties of guacamole. After you’re done shopping, stick around in Old Town Scottsdale for other stores, restaurants, and entertainment; this area of Scottsdale is a hub for activities, especially on the weekends. Bonus- this market is dog friendly!

2. Gilbert Farmers Market

Located in downtown Gilbert near the iconic water tower, the Gilbert Farmers Market is a hub of activity on Saturday mornings. Food trucks, selling all varieties of delicious meals, join the throngs of local vendors who are selling their homegrown food, as well as things like handmade soaps and facial care.

This is another dog friendly market, and you’ll even find vendors selling homemade dog treats and other pet supplies like collars and sweaters. Local artists sell their paintings, jewelry, and other unique art pieces. You’ll even find clothing and other textiles for sale as well.

Gilbert used to be primarily a small farming town, and the downtown Gilbert Farmers Market continues that tradition by selling locally grown produce, meats, and other food that hearken back to the good ol’ days.

3. Superstition Ranch Farmers Market

Do you ever wonder what grocery stores do with their leftover produce? Wonder no more- the Superstition Ranch Farmers Market gathers produce from grocery stores from all over the valley into one place. The produce here is just short of going bad, so it is perfect for juicing, cooking right away, canning, or for smoothies and acai bowls.

Since the produce here isn’t of the highest quality or super fresh (don’t worry, you’ll never find anything that has gone bad or moldy here), the prices are very cheap! You can usually find things like strawberries in bulk (all the homemade jam!), celery bunches for pennies on the dollar (make that healthy green juice!), or other fruits and vegetables for half the usual grocery store price.

Superstition Ranch Farmers Market also has a huge variety of saltwater taffy and other unique candies that are hard to find anywhere else. You’ll find homemade jams and honey here, as well as loaves of bread from local bakeries. This market is especially popular during the winter months when winter visitors do all their shopping here.

4. Power Road Farmers Market

Located adjacent to Vertuccio Farms, the Power Road Farmers Market sells produce grown just next door, as well as seasonal goods like pumpkins and Christmas trees. They’ve been in business for over 50 years and are one of the most popular and beloved farmers markets in the valley.

The Power Road Farmers Market specializes in Hatch green chilis imported from Hatch, New Mexico, and all the local chef’s favorite green chili to cook with! They also serve as a selling place for local mom and pop shops that make jams, salsas, candies, and BBQ, and other sauces. You can also find many varieties of local honey, which are helpful with seasonal allergies.

Vertuccio Farm next door holds fall and winter festivals for family enjoyment, giving you even more incentive to visit and enjoy the events plus the farmers market. At the Power Road Farmers Market, you’ll find fresh produce from vendors all over the state, and these vendors have been trusted partners for years and will be for years to come!

5. Ahwatukee Farmers Market

Tucked in the foothills of South Mountain lies Ahwatukee, an upscale suburb of Phoenix. Featuring fresh produce, baked goods, vegan treats, and much more, this farmers market is a favorite for winter visitors.

The smaller size of the Ahwatukee Farmers Market makes this a more friendly and intimate shopping experience. The vendors here are local and take great pride in their products. You can find different varieties of homemade salsa, Polish food, Greek fare, and even tofu. It’s like a sampling of world cuisine!

You can also peruse the different crafts, handmade gifts, and artwork all made by local artisans. Bring your pet, as this farmers market is dog friendly as well!

6. Roadrunner Park Farmers Market

This farmers market has the unique distinction of being located at Roadrunner Park, making this a fun shopping experience for families and kids. The park features several playground areas, a fishing pond, swimming pool, soccer fields, and plenty of ducks to feed.

The locally raised meats and fish attract buyers from all over the valley (some even driving an hour one way just to shop here!) and you can even spot some more exotic fruits and vegetables that you wouldn’t usually see at your local grocery store.

If you’re vegan, keto, vegetarian, gluten-free, or any other kind of special diet, the Roadrunner Park Farmer’s Market is for you! You can find any ingredients you need to make your favorite meals at home.

7. Clark Park Farmers Market

This is a special market, run by neighborhood volunteers, where you can get a huge variety of fruits and vegetables grown in their very own community market. For $20, you can fill a bag full of your choice of produce!

This market feels like a family-run business, as all the vendors are extremely friendly and create a warm atmosphere with heart and soul. The location is great as well, located under a bridge next to Tempe Town Lake so there is shade aplenty during the summer months.

Food trucks also make a stop at the Clark Park farmers market, and you’ll be sure to find a delicious hot lunch to satisfy your taste buds. The market is pet friendly and sells all kinds of dog treats and food for your furry family member.

8. Uptown Farmers Market

Looking for a more convenient farmers market if you’re short on time or have a hard time leaving the house? The Uptown Farmers Market offers online ordering, curbside pickup, and even home delivery! You can place your order before Wednesday at midnight, and your goods will be ready for you on Saturday!

The huge variety of produce, meats, desserts, cheeses, and other foods can be overwhelming, but you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for as you wander through the vendor booths. Some of the more unique products and food that you’ll find here are homemade baklava, hand-carved wooden spoons or spatulas, exotic mushrooms, plant-sourced milk, knife sharpening, and beignets.

Uptown Market has dozens of vendors from all over Arizona and produces some of the best flavors, goods, and artwork of any of the farmers markets in Arizona.

9. Downtown Phoenix Farmers Market

Equal part food market and handmade goods market, this large farmers market in Downtown Phoenix is a popular place to spend your Saturday morning. Food trucks also park here to sell their unique meals and treats.

You can buy handmade African baskets, fresh flower arrangements, Navajo jewelry, and so many more creations by local artists and florists. Live music helps to round out the fun atmosphere.

The Downtown Phoenix Market is especially committed to only selling food and goods grown or made by local vendors and artisans. This creates a community feel while also supporting the local economy. You can look on their website each week to see which vendors will be selling on Saturday, and plan ahead to find all your favorite foods!

10. Pinnacle Peak Farmers Market

For the freshest fruits and vegetables, look no further! Although this farmers market is small, it is well worth the visit; it’s the perfect place to shop for your weekly supply of produce with the freshest tasting food around.

As with all good farmers markets, the variety of vendors is great and you’ll be sure to find something unique every time you go. The tamales are especially delicious, and don’t forget to grab a sourdough loaf and local eggs as well!

During the peak produce seasons, you’ll find a bigger variety of food to peruse through, but year-round you’ll always find different honey varieties, baked goods, and art for sale. Any time of the year is a great time to shop the vendors at Pinnacle Peak Farmers Market.

11. Heirloom Farmers Markets

This collection of farmers markets in the Tucson area has five different locations, ensuring there will always be one close by, no matter where you live in the Tucson valley. One of the more special aspects of the Heirloom Farmers Market is the Taste of the Market campaign, which aims to educate shoppers on the benefits of eating fresh and local.

The organic and vegan options are plentiful, and you’ll be sure to find unique baked goods as well. The roasted chilis are a local favorite, and the locally-sourced honey is excellent for dealing with season allergies. Farm-fresh eggs in all sorts of beautiful colors can be found at Heirloom Farmers Markets as well!

The carefully curated vendors sell only the highest quality foods, handmade goods, and art. You’ll have plenty of fun shopping and browsing at any of the five locations.

  • Locations: Green Valley, Udall Park, Oro Valey, Rincon Valley, and Rillito Park
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 9 am-1 pm

12. Flagstaff Community Farmers Market

Headed north? Make a stop at the Flagstaff Community Farmers Market! This market aims to uplift small businesses and local growers, and provides only the freshest produce, food, and the best of handmade goods.

The relaxed vibe of this market meshes well with the overall laidback feeling of Flagstaff, and the downtown area is a beautiful setting, especially in the summer months. Shopping here allows you to support local businesses and find some new ingredients for your next recipe.

The fresh mountain air is a nice respite from the Phoenix-area heat, and the cooler Flagstaff climate makes shopping at the farmers market the perfect Sunday morning activity. Follow up your shopping trip with a hike in the mountains nearby.

13. Sedona Community Farmers Market

Less than an hour south of Flagstaff lies the iconic red cliffs of Sedona, a spiritual mecca that attracts travelers from all over the world. The Sedona Community Farmers Market hosts local growers and vendors who sell their produce and goods at excellent prices.

The overall vibe of Sedona is very laid-back with a yogi attitude of love and friendship, and the farmers market definitely matches that personality (similar to the Flagstaff market). The vendors are overtly friendly and will gladly take the time to educate you on their products.

Free samples make everyone happy, and the Sedona Community Farmers Market doesn’t disappoint here either! “Try before you buy” all sorts of bread, other baked goods, produce, honey, sauces, and other delicious fares.

14. Fountain Hills Farmers Market Place

The small retirement community of Fountain Hills hosts a lovely farmers market with friendly local vendors. Be sure to spend some time chatting with these farmers, bakers, and artisans as they are always excited to educate and discuss their products. You might even learn a thing or two!

If you’re on the search for essential oils, lotions, face serums, or handmade soaps, this is the farmers market for you! You can find these and other health and beauty items, as well as vegan baked goods and other healthy choices.

Fountain Hills Farmers Market may be smaller than other markets in Arizona, but it still provides excellent vendors who are passionate about their work!

15. Farmers Market North Scottsdale

This is a newer addition to Arizona’s farmers markets, and they really pride themselves in the quality of their vendors and products. They aim to sell only locally grown produce, food, and handmade goods, and they especially focus on sustainability.

Shopping at the Farmers Market North Scottsdale is a great way for you to support local small businesses, help to grow local brands, and appreciate the talents of local artisans, bakers, and farmers. The vendors at this market are proud of their products and stand by the freshness of their produce.

They are currently working on getting their online store up and running, which will make buying local even more convenient!

16. San Tan Valley Farmers Market and Bazaar

Grab a bag or a basket and head to this market- for $12, the San Tan Valley Market and Bazaar let’s you grab enough produce to fill a basket (up to 70 lbs) and feed your whole family! You can also buy boxes of produce in bulk, perfect for freezing and canning.

Get there early, as the vendors start selling right at 7 am and they tend to sell out quickly. There are also vendors selling farm fresh eggs, and others selling delicious baked goods. The appeal of this farmers market is definitely the ability to get a ton of food for a great price!

If you are into canning food or have lots of mouths to feed, make visiting the San Tan Valley Farmers Market and Bazaar should be a priority!

17. Greenhouse Gardens

Greenhouse Gardens is a community run urban market and garden that specializes in organic and pesticide-free produce. The garden started as a hobby in Jeannine and Cameron McChesney’s backyard, and they soon fell in love with gardening and growing quality organic produce.

They turned their passion into a business, and ended up buying a local old family farm and turning it into Greenhouse Gardens. Now, visitors can browse the farmers market held at the farm on Saturdays, featuring local vendors from the area and you can buy leafy greens, herbs, root vegetables, citrus fruits, and flowers grown at the farm.

It’s rare that you get to see the actual farm where your produce is coming from, and that’s what makes Greenhouse Gardens so special. Educating the public on how to grow their own fresh food at home is one of the McChesney family’s goals, and they do it with love and care.


Shopping at farmers markets is a great way for you to support small businesses and farmers, while getting a great deal on some of the freshest produce you can find anywhere. You can also find baked goods, art, handmade crafts and decor, health and beauty products, and so much more.

Farmers markets tend to be seasonal and once a week, so you know you’ll be getting unique and fresh items every time you go. There’s so many in Arizona, especially the Phoenix area, that you’ll be sure to find one close by. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, just browsing a farmers market can be a fun Saturday morning activity.

Pick any one of these markets and get to shopping! You might even get some ideas for new recipes, or find a new kind of Arizona food that you’ve never tried before. Farmers markets are a great place to expand your palate and learn about local growers, bakers, and artisans.

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